Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ram- Ravan ?

Politics at work, everyone seems not to like that. I just read a good blog which was titled “Even Rama, Still being Rama, had to kill Ravana!!!".This name wedged my eye and I went ahead and read the blog though I am neck deep when it comes to work but it is driving me crazy and I really needed a break.

After reading the blog, I had to pen down my thoughts. The big question that lingered in my mind was in today’s world who is Ram and who is Ravan everyone is ready to kill but then who should they kill. Everyone at the face value is good; everyone you talk to seems like a friend. Politics affects the victim with a back door entry and the people who are near to you are often the culprit and sometime it can even be circumstances and innocent people. So you actually can’t pinpoint the reason, the person. At that moment whatever the victim feels is the truth for him/her is the real truth.

Today I got a friend request from the most unexpected person and on seeing his profile; he is nothing I have imagined. This blog, the friend request all made me wonder what we imagine and what one turns out to be is so different. So when there is politics all around and we do not want to be the victim and consciously not make someone else the victim how do we actually identify and how do we know if we are ram or the ravana.

Everyone seem to be nice as humans but everyone are on our best guards when it comes to official communication wondering what is the intention of the other people, watching our every step, trying to speak our best, type our best but an unofficial communication is so different though in the background we can never forget whom we are talking to.The model that we work on we never get to meet/see the people in real life.

Yes, it is true that lord ram the good guy had to kill the bad guy ravana but I still don’t know if this would work in the generation today since every other person would claim to be Ram and you just can’t identify who is true and who not. I am a strong believer of god and trust that Hinduism is a way of life but the blog actually made me reflect on the fact that lord ram killed Ravan to save his wife and in turn save the others and wasn’t ravana killed due to his own brother, who later was crowned the king.

Phew instead of a cooking blog I am writing everything else, but then again this is soul food for my thoughts :)