Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Good weekend

Thanks to silver dollar city, celebration city I was a kid all over again, enjoying the rides, roller coaster, the giant swings. All I was busy thinking was which ride to go next, absolutely carefree for the time I was inside the theme park.

After a long time enjoyed a great holiday I did not want to go to any of those nature places this time not that I do not enjoy them but this time I am missing people, the crowd, the noises so I wanted to go to a place full of people and activities plus enjoy a lazy weekend the last minute plan with SP,SM, AD, Me and SD was the best thing to happen. Small group of like minded people no expectations we were going to enjoy and relax.

A friend of mine just that day updated his orkut OMGIF ( Oh my god it is Friday and things invariably go wrong at work on Friday) it was true in my case. I tried my best to solve the things I could and rest well …. Done Packing, cooked some spicy pav bhajji while SP,SD, AD did some shopping all set to go on Friday evening.

We reached our Condo (Notch INN) in Branson and it was very cozy, small yet beautiful one. Enjoyed the evening being lazy unpacking and next day we left for silver dollar city and celebration city, SD enjoyed the rides to much and I can’t wait for him to grow up and come with me on all the rides that he could not go now. We all enjoyed the rides,we had planned a barbecue in the evening.

The 9.30 laser show at celebration city is captivating and fun a must watch. After the show we all tried our hands in the games and guess what even SD won a fish for now it is his prized possession and is carrying it around everywhere.

All set for the barbecue, fed SD put him in a portable crib and he slept in peace after a tiring day. While I threw some blankets, pillow and a fleece on me the rest sat on chairs and started cooking. Enjoyed talking about all the old movies, the songs, pulling each others leg, some funny comic/interesting incidents of our lives and finally the food arrived.

The next day again was full of roller coaster rides, fun frolic and thrill of the moment. SD broke the camera :( but all I could think of was my friend's (NN) quote “breakable things will break” and the next ride. After the rides we went to the downtown for a rock show and food. Landing is a beautiful place, the board walk is pretty romantic though it is filled with people and the location beautiful.

The next day icing on the cake shopping at the factory outlet, the joy of spending on your husband’s credit card is unbeatable :). All good thinks come to an end and this vacation of mine ended too.

SD is a big boy now, no diapers on the trip. He has not been using diapers for almost 3-4 months now but I was worried if during the trip he would tell me and he did. Watching him during the trip I just realized that time does fly feels like y'day when he was born and now he is talking, walking, no more diapers. Life sure is a roller coaster every time the ride is high it is fun but when low it isn’t.

hmmm My food blogs would have to wait till I get a new camera.


A-kay said...

Good excuse to get a new camera - you should thank SD for breaking it :) Looks like you had fun in your trip.

Mads said...

LOL you guessed it right, time to buy a new better camera :)

PoP said...

looks like you had a fun weekend. Nice to see you writing blog.

Mads said...

Hey Pop good to see you here, keep visiting :) Yes we had a good weekend.