Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Memories

I have been tagged and this is my first one :) yet I have taken a long break Sorry about that Laksh.

The one I remember still, I was maybe 3.5 or 4 years old. Dad was on a tour in Chennai and we in faridabad staying alone with mom, my granny was suppose to join us but I don’t remember why she did not. Anyway mom needed some milk but my baby bro and household work did not allow her to leave the house so she requested me to buy the milk from the nearby mother diary mentioning that I was a big girl. She gave me the exact change, a bag to carry the milk bottle and asked me to hold on to it tight so that I don’t break the bottle, she also requested the near by big kid to accompany me. I followed her orders and proudly went down met all my friends, we all decided to go together, the mother dairy was very close to the house so none of them bothered to tell their parents it was our play time anyway. We had a small park in between we all started playing and then I bought the bottle of milk, to amuse ourselves while walking back we decided to play chook chook train I was the last one so I told myself that the bag could also be a coach holding on tight I dragged the bag behind me and we all reached home.

Meanwhile a couple of uncles had all gone searching for us, the mothers all standing in front of the houses and as soon as we reached we all including the big kid had to listen to all the elders advising us and of course the scolding from everyone. My mom holding my baby brother saw me gave a sigh of relieve and then scolded me for being irresponsible while the onlookers felt that she was the irresponsible one nevertheless I was so proud of myself for being useful. With a sheepish smile I pompously handed the bag to my mom wondering what is dripping from the bag she looked at it did not know should she laugh or cry, the bottle was broken :) She decided that she needs to carry me, my bro and buy the milk herself and till today she rags me about the incident and laughs at herself thinking what was she thinking to send me!!!!!

Thanks once again Laksh for tagging me


Laksh said...

Aww! That was sweet! I can sooo totally imagine the comic relief on your mom's face when she saw the broken and dripping milk bag :) Thanks for doing this!

Mads said...

Thanks for tagging and bringing back loads of memories, I had to control myself and write only one :)

A-kay said...

Would love to hear more such comic instances :) Thanks for sharing!

Mads said...

Thanks A-kay