Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Black-eyed bean


Green chilies
Salt to taste
Turmeric just a pinch
Amchur a pinch
Dhaniya powder
Jeera powder
Garam masala


1. Soak the black-eyed bean in hot water while you do the below steps
2. Puree the onion, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, green chilies.
3. In the pressure cooker pour oil and add in the puree
4. Once the masala is fried well, generally oil leaves the puree.
5. Add in salt, turmeric, dhaniya powder, Jeera powder and Amchur
6. Fry for a while on low flame.
7. Wash the soaked black-eyed bean and add them to the masala
8. Pour the water and close the lid
9. After one whistle lower the flame and 2-3 whistles later close the gas
10. Wait for sometime and open the lid add in some Garam masala and keep it for few min on low flame
11. Viola it is ready to be served with Rice, roti, parata.

Trivia - Black-eyed peas are traditionally eaten on New Year's Day in the American South and in some other parts of the U.S.

- Special thanks to 'B' for the pic, this is from her camera. Thank you 'B'


Laksh said...

Sounds simple. Will give it a shot!

Mads said...

Let me know how it came out.