Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Impromptu Dosa party

B has come into my life like a breath of fresh air. It has been just few days that I have been with her but it is amazing, I am enjoying my lunch all over again, amazing and much needed coffee breaks and my only female company in office. It makes me sad to even think that she is here only for 3 weeks.

Today AD called up in the evening and told me that he is stuck in a meeting and I need to pick up SD. On a regular day I would have had to take a cab but B told me that she could drop me and pick up SD. On our way back home we decided to have tea and once she was at my place I offered to make some instant dosa :) I am big dosa fan and always find some or the other reason to have them but later we decided to make some fresh Rava (sooji, Cream of wheat) dosas and she told me while you run behind SD I can prepare the batter and coconut chutney and I was more than happy about the offer. It was like cherry on the icing :) So while I was doing my chores with SD she was preparing some awesome chutney and Dosas for us (my next recipe)

It reminded me of Chennai Saravana Bhavan Rava dosas. A wonderful impromptu dosa party.

In between she got a call and it was from her good friend 'N' who happens to be my senior.The world is sure a small place. Thanks a ton ‘B’ for an amazing evening and lovely dosas with awesome chutney.


A-kay said...

Wow - you are blogging everyday, that is awesome! Where is the recipe and picture? :-P

Laksh said...

Where dyu work now? Sounds like B is a fun person to hang out with!

Mads said...

@ a-Kay - New blogger enthu than :)
@ Laksh - Same old W. Yes she is