Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Besan wali Arbi


1. Jeera – 1 tbs
2. Ajwain – ½ tbs
3. Methi seeds – ½ tbs
4. Sauf – ½ tbs
5. Besan – 4 tbs
6. Oil
7. Salt
8. Turmeric a pinch
9. Red chilly powder
10. Dhaniya powder
11. Amchur
12. Hing
13. Arbi
14. Garam masala


1. Boil arbi, peel and cut and keep it aside
2. Heat oil in a kadai
3. Add hing, Jeera, sauf, ajwaain, Methi seeds.
4. Add the besan and keep stirring
5. Once the besan is brown in color
6. Add salt, dhaniya, amchur, turmeric and Arbi
7. Stir for sometime and keep it on low flame add in garam masala
8. Once the arbi is fried well t is ready to be served with dal and rotis.


Laksh said...

Looks good and simple enough to try. Thanks!

Mads said...

Thanks Laksh... let me know whenever you try.

A-kay said...

Arbi is seppan kizhangu (in tamil)? Not sure if you would know the tamil name but thot will check anyway - I always get a little confused.

I love the South Indian style roast (pretty much similar to this recipe, but without besan and with typical South Indian masalas) - would love to try this.

Mads said...

Hey, yes it is seppan kizhangu. I do know the tamil name :) Yes I love that too especially with rasam. I cook that too though would love to get that recipe from you :)

Annie said...

That's very good, I always wanted to make something different with Arbi, but I always end up making the same recipe over and over again... now you've given me plenty to cook! Thanks for sharing. Being the cooking enthusiast I am, I will definitely try it out and let you know how it goes. Thanks.

Mads said...

Thanks Annie, do let me know how the recipe turned out.