Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Temple vists

I come from the city of temples and to me a weekly visit to a temple has been an internal part since I was kid and it never occurred to me that I would miss this aspect.

Since we do not have a temple in Bentonville our temple visits our restricted only for special occasions and with all the constraints it is not possible to visit one every weekend. Although I have a small pooja ghar in my house but still it isn’t anything like a temple.

Every time I would visit one I would be filled with serenity, the whole atmosphere of the smallest temple would be enough to give in the extra hope that is required. The chanting of the slokas in one corner, the sound of the bell, the familiar poojari , the archana, the aarthi.

I wonder if my 2 year old would feel the same though for now whenever he visits one he is all excited about the drive and is amused by the big murthies that he sees and says “Mama big jay jay”.


Laksh said...

Lovely post!! Could totally imagine what you are expressing. I hope your son imbibes that love from you.

Mads said...

Thanks Laksh your comments always cheer me up :).