Thursday, July 31, 2008

It still feels sad

An old manager of mine left the PCM group and when I read the mail for a moment I was not happy about it though I had always thought I would. I personally do not like her much nor do I dislike her. She has been there with me through my ups and down as my manager not done anything bad or good but most of all my association with her goes back to the time when the group was just formed.

With her most of the old timers have left the group and it is filled in with new people who maybe are more capable but still things have changed so much that there is no warmth of late or I do not feel it.. I could reach out to her for all the concerns I had, probably write a personal mail if required, invite her for a coffee, talk about family, work, share my happiness but now with all the new people around I don’t think I share the same association.

It really feels sad to see her go.


Ashish said...

Nice blogs M.
On a side note, who is this great manager (if I may ask)?

Mads said...

Hey Ashish,So good to see you here, about the manager will mail you :). How have you been, Saw your blogs.Will pass on my comments :)

A-kay said...

I know how it feels like. I moved groups within my company late last year and felt the same, moving from the familiar faces and comfort zone to a new group. Work / career-wise I knew I was making the right decision, although personally I felt a little bad / sad.

Well in my case atleast, since it was my decision to move, I tried telling myself that I would build new relationship and it will get better with time and in a way, it did :) Not sure if the same thing applies for you, but I hope eventually you will build association with the new folks too.

Mads said...

Thanks a-kay. I am beginning to think that I need to change myself, need to accept change. I am so closed to change, maybe that is one big reason that I have not been able to quit W yet. hmm anyway waiting to read your blog you have been quite for a long time now.