Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Plum and Date chutney (sweet)

Bongs cook some yummy sweet chutneys and one of the Pooja’s I had been I tasted this and tried it out at home and AD loved it. So now this is one of the regular stuff in my fridge.

You could substitute plums with Prune.


3 Plums
10 Dates
Red chilly powder
Tumeric powder – A pinch
1 tablespoon Jeera
½ tablespoon Black Jeera (kalo jeera,kalongi)
½ tablespoon Sauf ( Funnel Seeds)
½ tablespoon Methi seeds.
1 cup water


1. Chop the plums unevenly
2. Heat a kadai with water
3. Add plums (even the seeds) and dates.
4. Add salt, tumeric, red chilly powder and sugar
5. Cover the kadai and let it boil, stir it occasionally
6. heat oil in a pan and add in Jeera, kalo jeera, sauf and methi seeds
7. Add them to the plum and date mixture
8. Once the mix reaches a very semi liquid taste it and add in more sugar if required (depends on the plum).
9. Serve it with rotis, though Bongs would love it with Dal and rice.

Nutritional Profile
It is believed that plums are very good source of Vitmain C and A are a good source of dietary fiber.

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