Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A mom in dilemma

I can feel the work pressure now, the project is heating up from delivery standpoint and the crunch time is on and with no time to play with SD though it is summer the mom in me is wondering if this is really required? Today while reading a book to him I got a call from offshore and all I wanted to do was to go on read the book but then I had to take the call and tell SD to sleep all by himself and of late every night when he says “Mama no work, mama SD sleep” it just makes me feel even more guilty.

Today while picking him up from his day care the teacher showed me a circle and proudly said SD did it and she kept it inside his folder and I am not sure if I was happy seeing the circle or sad that it was not me who taught him that. I guess ‘Miss A ‘read my mind and said kids they grow up so fast and learn things we can never imagine and we parents don’t even know when and where they learn. I just smiled

The mom in me wants to quit this job right away but the women in me enjoys the time I get away from all the household chores, husband, kiddo and the little independence is something I don’t want to give up. How I wish work was just a 9-5 affair and not tiring and I could come back home and enjoy cooking, playing with SD.

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